Mastodon Once More Round The Sun Album Leak

Mastodon – Once More Round The Sun Album Download (2014)

Mastodon Once More Round The Sun Album Leak

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  1. The Motherload
  2. High Road
  3. Once More ‘Round The Sun
  4. Chimes At Midnight
  5. Asleep In The Deep
  6. Feast Your Eyes
  7. Aunt Lisa
  8. Ember City
  9. Hallowee
  10. Diamond In The Witch House (feat. Scott Kelly of Neurosis)

Can actually anything go with a freaky, horny front cover wrong? Not, if even “Mastodon” on it, you’d think. The expectations ‘ once more ‘ Round The Sun “grew into the sky. Partly this also comply with the sludge Progger. Unfortunately, they also prove that they turn not everything they touch, in pure gold.

Mastodon will not show anything really new on album number six. Long time the tracks miss the punch of “Leviathan” or “Crack The Skye”. “Once more ‘ Round The Sun” seems at first like Volbeats “outlaw gentlemen & shady ladies” at: tried and tested recipe, always more consistently good songs, which but overall not longer quite so fresh taste like once.

Clear, popping the riffs as ever and ever. Both guitar as also vocal melodies remain beyond any doubt, and the drumming is simply phenomenal. A bloody monument deserves for that which he delivers here, Brann Dailor! Front to back, he brings out the absolute maximum out of all guitar riffs and pushes them instead of just one two or three notches above. Shouldn’t you go!

It takes but a few runs too much until it finally “click” and “once more ‘ Round The Sun” emerges from the overbearing shadow of his predecessor. But sometime wakes up the Krabbelalien on the artwork, rears are up and hits you with tremendous power in the face.

As usual, Mastodon wrap their compositions in a dense storm of sound. In the best manner of sludge they pampen all ingredients in a pot together and build a wall of sound that has what it takes. In contrast to “The Hunter”, the Quartet again integrates more metallic elements. The pace is almost continuously high, only the songs take a step down occasionally.

A strange hybrid being created the band with “Aunt Lisa”. A Tonleiterlick allowing for soon evolved into the rocking stanza, which in turn flows into a pulsating synth power. Suddenly, aggressive Kreischvocals fight from the bottom up. Finally a female sang guest then begins to proclaim stale Gangshouts. Who like this: Here you go.

Dispensed as a single song “asleep in the dark” fully tagged one of the highlights at the same time but on frenzied eruptions, from “once more ‘ Round The Sun”. Psychedelic, but also advised the faster tracks, the core sets another on it in this regard, however. It wafts, boomy bass, a floating guitar solo culminating in polyphonic singing.

Similar spherical begins and ends the immediately preceding “Chimes At Midnight”.
The middle part is it properly to the thing. Often, guitar and bass doubling the main riff, which gives it that extra bite. Shortly before the end of the song drums and leads to a direct hard Groovy, almost doomigen part, before the initial harmony closes the circuit and demonstrated that sometimes fade quite have their permission.

You have also a Mastodon with their sixth album. With ‘ once more ‘ Round The Sun “they have created a monster that seamlessly connects to previous acts of gloss.

The slightly rockier, more relaxed orientation of “The Hunter” liked personally but better. The four musicians with the current material does not reinvent itself also (rather, they take a step back and “The Hunter” undone). However, if the node has gone bust once the insect swarm onto the turntable settles itself and gives birth to one of the best albums of the year.

With aunt of Lisa’s “Hey-ho, let’s fucking go!”I can not befriend me still (still) call.